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Junk Cars

Are you tired of watching your dead car parked inside your garage for months now? If your answer is yes, you can trade your junk car for cash. It may seem like a crazy idea, but you can earn loads of cash for a car that does not have the capacity to run. No, you don’t have to dismantle the car parts and sell it piece by piece, regardless of your vehicle’s condition, Cash for Cars Los Angeles will still buy it.

We do not only buy cars in running condition, instead, we accept all sorts of car in whatever condition it is currently in. Trucks, vans, luxury cars, sports utility vehicles, or any car models and age, we will buy them from you. We don’t mind if it is damaged, salvage cars, broken parts, wrecked due to accident, scrap cars, or a car in need of total overhaul. Generally, we purchase cars that the public do not want to associate with. On top of that, we offer the optimum price for your unwanted vehicle.


Still not convinced yet? All you have to do is come to our office or call us for further queries. We cover all of Los Angeles and its surrounding places. One of our staffs will answer all your questions, at the same time; will give you the essential information. This is part of our proceeding, in order for the customer to make informed decision.

Cash for Cars Los Angeles assures you that you will get the best car deals in town. Best of all, the processing of papers are done immediately. Indeed, selling your unwanted vehicle to us is the best car decision you can ever make. We offer hassle free service, no haggling nor obligations that you have to comply. Furthermore, we provide free of charge and fast removal of your junk car. In fact, we can fetch your car the same day that deal has been made.

So, stop wasting insurance money on your junk vehicle, hoping it will run again. Instead, allow our tow truck to remove your car from the driveway or garage, and in the process, earn some cash.

Who says there is no cash in junk?